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History of IASO Leadership

President Secretary Treasurer Year
Dr. D J Jussawala Dr. Ashok Mehta 1977
Dr. P B Desai Dr. Ashok Mehta 1979
Dr. M P Vaidya Dr. N C Misra 1981
Dr. Ashok Mehta Dr. N C Misra 1983
Dr. D D Patel Dr. N C Misra 1984
Dr. A P Majumdar Dr. N C Misra 1985
Dr. R S Rao Dr. N N Khanna 1986
Dr. N C Misra Dr. N N Khanna 1987
Dr. N N Khanna Dr. S G Deshpande 1988
Dr. B M L Kapoor Dr. S G Deshpande 1989
Dr. S K Sarkar Dr. S G Deshpande 1990
Dr. P M Trivedi Dr. H S Shukla 1991
Dr. K K Pandey Dr. H S Shukla 1992
Dr. S K Shukla Dr. H S Shukla 1993
Dr. J B Venkatrau Dr. H S Shukla 1994
Dr. Shambhu Pal Dr. Sandeep Kumar 1995
Dr. C K Gupta Dr. Sandeep Kumar 1996
Dr. H S Shukla Dr. Sandeep Kumar 1997
Dr. S P Kharey Dr. Sandeep Kumar 1998
Dr. P Subhas Dr. Kiran Kothar 1999
Dr. K KMaudar Dr. Kiran Kothari 2000
Dr. K Panda Dr. Ravi Kant 2001
Dr. R I Dave Dr. Ravi Kant 2002
Dr. K S Gopinath Dr. L Sarangi 2003
Dr. K Kothari Dr. L Sarangi 2004
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Dr. R Karwasara 2005
Dr. Ravi Kant Dr. R Karwasara 2006
Dr. S Sadasivam Dr. Sanjeev Misra 2007
Dr. Sanjay Sharma Dr. Sanjeev Misra 2008
Dr. L Sarangi Dr. M Vijyakumar 2009
Dr. Arun Chaturvedi Dr. M Vijyakumar 2010
Dr. E Hemant Raj Dr. Manoj Pandey 2011
Brig ManomoyGanguly Dr. Manoj Pandey 2012
Dr. Sanjeev Misra Dr. Dhairasheel Savant 2013
Dr. R Rajaraman Dr. Dhairasheel Savant 2014
Dr.M Vijayakumar Dr.TSubrahmanyeswar Rao Dr. Rajendra Toprani 2015
Dr.HaritChathurvedi Dr.TSubrahmanyeswar Rao Dr. Rajendra Toprani 2016
Dr. BKC Mohan Prasad Dr. Rajendra Toprani Dr. Prafulla K. Das 2017
Dr. Sanjay Kapoor Dr. Rajendra Toprani Dr. Prafulla K. Das 2018
Dr. Dhairyasheel Savant Dr. Sharad Desai Dr. Chandramohan K 2019
Dr Arnab Gupta Dr. Sharad Desai Dr. Chandramohan K 2020-21
Dr Rajendra Toprani Dr. Chandramohan K Prof. Dr. Somashekhar S P 2021-22

IASO is an organisation serving from past 50 years in spreading knowledge & creating awareness for cancer and its treatments.

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