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Detroit visiting fellowship

Started by the efforts of Dr. K. K. Maudar, Bhopal and Dr. Donald Weaver, Detroit Medical Centre, Detroit in the year 2000. The fellowship is awarded to a young surgical oncologist from India and a member of IASO, on the basis of his curriculum vitae and presentation of paper on the original work done in India only. So far 10 fellowships have been awarded.

2000 - SVS Deo, Delhi
2001 - DR. Somesh Chandra, Ahamedabad
2002 - K A Pathak. Mumbai
2003 - Dr. Manoj Pandey, Trivandrum
2004 - None
2005 - Gajanan Wagholekar, Pune
2006 - Diptendra Sarkar, Kolkata (2008)
2007 - T B Yuvaraja, Mumbai (2009)
2008 - Dr. Suraj Manju Nath, Bangalore
2009 - Dr. A A Sonkar, Lucknow
2010 - Dr Atul Samaiya, Bhopal
2011 - Dr. Vinay Kumar, Varanasi
2012 - Dr. Sandeep P. Nayak, Bengaluru

IASO-Baroda – GCRI Minimal Invasive Surgery Travelling Fellowship

Started after the merger of GCRI and Baroda travelling fellowship in 2007. Earlier was given as Baroda fellowship started in 1999. This fellowship is awarded to a young member of IASO on the basis of presentation of paper in the award session and his curriculum vitae. The fellowship is availed at Gem Hospital, Coimbatore with Dr. C Palanivelu.

So far the followings have availed this fellowship

Baroda Fellowship
1999 - Dr. Rajendra Singh, Lucknow
2000 - None
2001 -  none
2002 - none
2003 - Dr. Prafull Kumar Das, Cuttack
2004 - Dr. Pawan Gupta, New Delhi
2005 -
2006 - Mithlendra Kumar,
2007 - Dr. Harish Sharma, Hisar

IASO-GCRI -Baroda MIS Fellowship

2008 - Dr. Chandramohan K, Trivandrum
2009 - Dr. Sanjeev Prashad, Rohtak
2010 - None
2011 - Dr. Rajshekhar C Jaka, Bangalore
2012 - Dr. Narendra hulikal, Tirupati

IASO-BASO-Hyderabad fellowship

Started in the year 2010 with the help of British Association of Surgical Oncology and the corpus from the joint meeting of IASO-BASO held in Hyderabad in 2008, this fellowship is awarded to a young surgical oncologist from India based on the interview with BASO-IASO executives and paper presentation.

The first fellowship has been awarded this year to Dr. K Chandramohan, Trivandrum to be availed in 2011.

2011 - Dr. Chandramohan K, Trivandrum
2012 - Dr. Ashutosh Chauhan, Lucknow

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